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Iranians are desperately
searching for a Savior:

Learn how a direct connection to the gospel is radically transforming Iran for Christ!

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Yahya's Story

In the captial of Iran, Yahya found Islam empty. Islam was just religious beliefs written in a book. Then he turned on his satellite television and heard people telling him about Jesus. He picked up his phone to call in to the live broadcast. But when it was his turn to speak, he could not. He was overcome with tears.


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Iranians Have Mixed Reaction to the President-Elect

Church 7: A Global Church for Iranians seeking Christ 
In Iran, there are no above ground churches. Even underground churches, while effective and growing, are only accessible to 1% of all believers due to fear and security. That is where our Global Church for Iran, or Church 7, provides a lifeline for 2 million believers who have no other option for church!
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