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I Am Iran Alive!


“My name is Zahra, and I am 33 years old.* From an early age, I was groomed to be the perfect Muslim girl. Strict parents and a rigorous Islamic school meant that I had memorized books of the Koran by age 11. It wasn’t uncommon for me to spend up to 20 hours a day in prayer through my youth and teenage years. I became a devout Muslim – ready (and anxious) to display my knowledge of the law and to admonish those who transgressed it.


But my life was empty. In my 20s, I experienced heartbreak and disillusionment. Islam no longer provided any answers. I was suicidal to the point of having a plan to take sleeping pills and turn on the gas stove. That night, when I started to execute my plan, for some reason, I turned on the TV and saw Pastor Hormoz speaking.


I remember it like it was yesterday. His first statement shocked me. He said, “If you plan to kill yourself tonight, STOP! God loves you and wants to give you a new hope and new future.”


I gave my life to the Savior that night.


Not only did I find Jesus through your TV ministry, but also I was discipled and trained by you to plant underground house churches. Now, I lead hundreds of churches in cities across Iran. Thousands of lives have changed because you first reached out to me and invested in my life. I have become like a poster child for Iran Alive. I just want to say, “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”



* All names and locations were changed for security purposes.




I Lost My Fingers, But Found Jesus.


“I am Ebrahim.* I’m now 42 and live in Mashhad. At 15, I was sentenced to 10 years in prison for stealing. While in prison, my fingers were cut off. I suffered from deep pain, leading to my drug and alcohol addiction after I was released.


Drowning in pain, despair and depression about three years ago, I started watching your TV programs. I could not believe what you were saying and did not enjoy your programs at first. Yet, something pushed me to keep watching. One night, I decided to call your program and pray with someone to receive Christ.


Missing fingers do not hurt me any more. I am not ashamed of my life or my physical appearance. I am now free from all addiction to drugs and alcohol. God has brought healing in my family and a deep unity. My 7-year-old son and 6-year-old daughter are beginning to understand about Jesus.


I am forever grateful for your TV programs for the chance to experience God’s hope, love and joy.”



* All names and locations were changed for security purposes.





Jesus Set Me Free From Prison!


“My name is Ahmad.* Years ago, I was arrested and sentenced to 12 years in prison for participating in political demonstrations. Every day, the jail would perform executions. I lived in fear of torture and execution daily.


One night, I had a dream. I saw a man tell me, “I am God, and I will set you free." Three days later, I was released from prison.


When I was home and flipping the TV channels, I came across your program. Soon, I gave my heart to Jesus. I could not stop talking about Him! I told my whole family, but they cursed and beat me. My wife's family took my pregnant wife away and told me that I was not welcome in their family anymore. They left me bleeding, but I did not reject my belief in Christ.


After a few weeks, my wife decided to leave her family and come back to me. Today, my wife, my son and I are growing in our faith through your TV programs.”



* All names and locations were changed for security purposes.

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