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The urgency to reach Iran is growing and the harvest is plentiful.

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Define what is there for you in your life and discover God’s plan for the future.

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Opportunities to serve in Iran Alive Ministries.

Dr. Hormoz Shariat & June Hunt Interview

Recently, Pastor Hormoz and June Hunt, Founder and President of Hope for the Heart Ministries, sat down after a live broadcast into Iran and discussed what is bringing hope to an otherwise hopeless people. Watch as Hormoz and June marvel together at the Lord’s work in Iran and commit to work together to see the nation transformed through the Gospel.

Hormoz-Blog-12 15 2018

The Islamic government of Iran knows, just as we do, that more Muslims come to Christ during the Christmas season than any other time of the year.

Church 7: A Global Church for Iranians seeking Christ 

In Iran, there are no above ground churches. Even underground churches, while effective and growing, are only accessible to 1% of all believers due to fear and security. That is where our Global Church for Iran, or Church 7, provides a lifeline for 2 million believers who have no other option for church!