Call Center

Iranians have desperate needs. They cry out for care, understanding, direction and prayer. They need someone to talk to – someone who has biblical knowledge and the compassion of Christ.

Iranians in Need Call Iran Alive Ministries

The Call and Follow-Up Center compliments every other Ministry Program because it connects one-on-one with Iranians in need.

Trained Christian volunteers – many of them experienced counselors and pastors – staff the phones 24 hours a day. Fluent in Farsi, they receive wisdom from God’s Word as they minister, pray and encourage. Tens of thousands of Iranians have found help through this Ministry since 2001.

The Call and Follow-Up Center is a critical part of Iran Alive’s strategy to win Iran for Christ.

Iran Alive Ministries Call and Follow-Up Center Goals

  • Answer questions and lead callers and their families to Christ
  • Send requested Bibles and materials
  • Provide prayer and counseling
  • Connect viewers to existing house churches
  • Identify potential leaders and help them start their own house churches

Our call center is a channel for listeners to voice their questions and talk through issues they are facing in their personal lives with someone who cares. Callers have the opportunity to be heard, prayed for and encouraged as they share their hearts with experienced counselors.

The call center compliments our live TV broadcast ministry and connects with viewers who are tuning in worldwide. Some callers even share their testimonies and questions on our live TV broadcast.