Internet usage in Iran continues to increase at a sharp rate, almost 48% in the last 8 years, a phenomenal growth rate that surpasses other countries in the Middle East. Thirty five percent of the population of Iran now uses the Internet.

Iran Alive Ministries reaches this target audience through our Internet chat ministry bringing the gospel message into Iranian chat rooms, to over 4,700 Iranians seeking answers each month. At the same time as the broadcasts, the Iran Alive website and chat rooms are drawing thousands of viewers.

Our Farsi website offers various resources including: books, Bibles, audio lectures, music, TV programs, testimonials, and frequently asked questions.

Through live chat rooms called “Paltalk” and Telephone call centers, individuals can immediately engage in live conversations with trained counselors – many of whom converted from at Muslim background to Christianity. They understand exactly what kind of questions viewers are struggling with on a daily basis.

Many are fearful of venturing outside their homes with their new Christian faith because the government police might be watching. Viewers secretly watch the TV broadcast and communicate with Iran Alive in secure, undisclosed locations.