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“And who knows but that you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this and for this very occasion?” ESTHER 4:14B (NLT)

Dear Partner in Christ,

My homeland urgently needs transformation. In quality of life, Iran ranks as one of the poorest countries of the world – even though it is a land rich with resources. Iranians’ physical and spiritual lives offer little hope. New Christian believers regularly experience harassment and discrimination – often by members of their own family. Islamic law states that converting to Christianity is a crime punishable by death.

Yet, hundreds of Muslims accept Christ as Savior every day! After more than 30 years of Islamic government oppression, Iranians have become desperate and hungry for spiritual meaning as well as political, social and cultural freedom. Iranians are concluding that “Islam is the problem.”

We believe God has ordered the steps of Iran Alive Ministries. A unique vision, strategy and plan are only part of the story. We feel the urgency and are passionate about the mission God has given us to transform Iran and the Middle East by the power of the Gospel.

Transforming the lives of millions of Iranian Muslims for Jesus Christ begins today. As Queen Esther was told in Esther 4, we believe God has raised Iran Alive Ministries for such a time as this… for this Chairos moment.

Your partnership will shake the foundations of Islam.



Dr. Hormoz Shariat, Founder and President, Iran Alive Ministries

P.S. Join with me to change the destiny of a nation – maybe even your own.