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God Is Love.  Three of the most provocative, controversial and life-changing words a Muslim will ever hear or consider.  For Muslim born Iranians, Dr. Hormoz Shariat, a PhD trained scientist and Pastor Kamil Navai, a civil engineer, the notion of a loving God once seemed impossible to believe.  In this 55-minute presentation, Dr. Shariat and Pastor Navai explore the truths that shook their own personal worldviews and transformed their lives, leading them to the conclusion that indeed…God Is Love.

This video was created for the purpose of helping Muslims understand the Good News of the God who loves them and created them to live in personal fellowship with Himself.  It is especially helpful for Christians to give to their Muslims friends in order to begin a respectful, non-confrontational and truthful dialogue about the God of the Bible and present a clear, complete presentation of the Gospel.

What part will you play in transforming millions with the Good News?

God is Love DVD
(Available in the U.S. only)