Our Track Record

Track Record

The Lord has used Iran Alive Ministries in a supernatural way since 2001, and it is reflected in our track record.  His favor has been on this ministry and He continues to use us to transform Iran into a Christian nation in this generation.

What we have listed below are known statistics.  These are non-extrapolated numbers, which we have verified and know to be accurate.  We believe the reality of these numbers to be much higher.

 22,318  Documented decisions for Christ since 2001
 118,000  Incoming phone calls handled since 2001
 70,000  Bibles distributed in country since 2001
 10,000  Unique visitors to our evangelistic Farsi chat rooms each .month
 Not publishable due to .security  Number of House Churches in country

Our track record is a sign of God’s grace, and affirms the position He has placed us in to make a major impact in Iran.  We believe this is just the beginning!