Prayer Partners Needed

Now I urge you, brethren, by our Lord Jesus Christ and by the love of the Spirit, to strive together with us in your prayers to God for us …  – Romans 15:30

We are facing the dark spirit of Islam and confronting the Prince of Persia.
Therefore, we cannot state it any better or stronger than this …

We urge you! Here we are begging for your prayer support.

We cannot do what we are doing without God’s people praying for our ministry.

It is impossible to underestimate the impact of prayer.

We can put a dollar figure on our fundraising ($7 buys a minute of air time), but how do you quantify prayers?

Become a Prayer Partner Today!

Paul asked the church at Rome to pray for

… Rescue from the disobedient

…Effective ministry to believers

…Refreshing rest with fellow believers

-Romans 15:31-32

Connect With Us and Persians Through Prayer

Connectivity poses difficulties in communication and logistics. “How can I plug in to this ministry?” becomes the critical question. “I want to feel like I am involved.” Where a past generation was content with giving money to a cause, today’s young adults are a hands-on generation. Iran is closed to the Gospel. As things are now, you are simply not getting in to serve as a missionary. It is a hands-off country as far as the Gospel goes.

How do you reach an unreachable people? The answer is prayer. But we are not talking about a “Bless the missionaries, Amen.” type of prayer. We need you to truly connect – with us and with the Lord. We are searching for true prayer warriors – believers who know how to engage in spiritual warfare praying. It is this sort of praying that pulls down strongholds (2 Corinthians 10:3-4) and binds the strong man (Mark 3:27). It is this type of praying that crosses impenetrable borders and infiltrates the gates of the enemy. We have the fierce belief that God works when His people pray!

The Church today has been sensitized to unreached people groups and many families have gone to serve as missionaries among these various groups, but have we forgotten those where the door is closed and access is forbidden? Through Iran Alive Ministries God grants spiritual access where no physical access exists! We are asking God to empower our broadcasts so that they reach their target. Only prayer to Almighty God enables us to do what we do. You may never enter the physical borders of Iran, but you can pray your way around the entire country and region. And God will use your praying more than you can even imagine. Will you join us in praying for our ministry and for the Persian people? They are responding by faith when they hear the Gospel. Praise the Lord for His saving grace!

Join us. Connect. Prayer Partners provide the greatest connectivity to our ministry and to the work the Lord is accomplishing inside Iran.

Will you join us in prayer to set captives free from the bondage of Islam?