Satellite TV

Transforming Iran From the Inside

Since 2001, Iran Alive Ministries has been producing original daily programming with the message of the Gospel for millions of Iranians. Broadcast over satellite, these programs reach deep into the heart of Iran, touching individuals in the privacy of their homes. With a low-cost satellite dish, Muslims in the Middle East and Europe are able to receive these programs for free.

We have several million faithful followers who watch our programs regularly. And with our new 24/7 satellite TV channel, Network 7, this opportunity is growing exponentially in the transformation of Iran.  To Livestream the Farsi programming the Lord is using to transform lives. Click Here

Over 55 million Iranians have access to satellite TV. At any given time, 3-6 million viewers will be watching our programs. Our satellite footprint reaches the Middle East, North Africa and Europe. Network 7 gives us an opportunity to reach all people, Muslims or not, throughout that region 24 hours a day.

Satellite TV is like a secret weapon in the battle for Muslims’ souls. Authorities monitor many areas of an Iranian’s life. However, no one can control the programs Iranians watch in the privacy of their homes.

TV makes an effective, safe, non-threatening, personal connection. It delivers evangelistic, discipleship or leadership development efforts directly into people’s homes!

Iran Alive Ministries Satellite TV Ministry Goals

  • Reach millions
  • Create positive attitudes toward Christ and Christians
  • Encourage, connect and strengthen persecuted believers
  • Help plant new house churches
  • Teach obedience-based discipleship and deeper biblical concepts

Iran Alive ’s most popular program is a live call-in program called “Life Lessons.” It regularly features 30 minutes of teaching from Dr. Shariat, followed by an hour of interaction with the viewers through calls, Facebook, and emails. Thousands of people contact Iran Alive Ministries monthly to receive prayer and counseling, pray to receive Christ, ask for a Bible, or request to connect to a house church.

Because it is broadcast live, Iran Alive ’s program can also deal with the current and topical events of the day from a Christian perspective. Iranians can hear God’s perspective on what affects them today and forever.

Satellite TV may be the only Jesus some Iranians ever see.

Despite the crackdown on the ban of satellite dishes in Iran, millions of Iranians have found ways to acquire satellite dishes. In fact, they have made it a priority and are often sacrificing food for weeks at a time to be able to afford this necessity that allows them to connect with the outside world. It has been estimated that 45 million people in Iran have access to satellite channels and despite raids by the authorities the number of satellite dishes is on the rise.

Since December 2001, Iran Alive Ministries has been broadcasting a variety of TV programs during prime time to millions of Iranian Muslims, Europeans and viewers from Middle East, North Africa, Central Asia and Europe.

At any given time, there is an estimated 3-6 million people in Iran are watching this programming, opening the door for thousands of Iranian Muslims to come to Christ each week. We have a variety of shows geared toward children, women, youth and families. Our broadcasts are also streamed on the Internet, drawing hundreds of thousands of additional viewers worldwide.

Iranians in the 21st century are desperate to be connected to the outside world. Satellite TV brings news and programming into the homes of Iranians and gives us the opportunity to bring the gospel message into their private homes – in a safe, non-threatening way.

The exponential growth then happens across Iran and transforms individuals, their families and communities. At that point it is impossible to have accurate information on how many people from a single broadcast or chat room come to know the Lord. The potential is great in prime time TV.

Zari, a thirty year old woman called into one of our weekly live broadcasts saying, “I am calling to say, how grateful I am for your programs. I was devastated and lost in my misery until I started watching your programs. You might not know what you are doing for forgotten people like us in Iran, but you are bringing hope, light, and life into our lives”.