Social Media

Spreading the Word with Technology

Iran is connected. It is experiencing a great surge in Internet usage. With 23 million people online, Iran has the highest number of Internet users in the Middle East. And because there are so many young people in Iran (70% under 35), technology is everywhere you look – in personal devices and Internet cafés.

Iranians use blogs, social network sites and mobile phones to send messages about their lives, hopes and disappointments. Iran has been ranked third in the world for blogging by Time magazine.

Iranians are also curious about the outside world. Through the Internet and other technologies, they are learning about events, attitudes and freedoms in other nations and cultures. They are searching for answers to some of their toughest questions.

Iran Alive Ministries uses technology (emails, online chat rooms and classes, social media, cell phones, and websites) extensively to connect and touch the youth in Iran. Over 10,000 people visit Iran Alive ’s evangelistic chat rooms every month.

Social Media Ministry Goals

  • Evangelize seekers
  • Disciple and teach new believers
  • Identify and equip potential leaders to plant new house churches
  • Strengthen existing underground house churches

Iran Alive Ministries brings ministry tools and a biblical perspective to each chat room, discussion thread, individual correspondence and social media platform. Evangelism and discipleship training classes over the web are held for both believers and leaders.

God’s love travels well on the Internet. Iran Alive ’s web presence has generated millions of hits and tens of thousands of visitors.