The Persecuted Church

The Iranian People ≠ The Iranian Government

The vast majority of Iranians love America and Americans. They welcome freedom and want desperately to worship freely. They are naturally curious about news and current events.

ISIS Turns People to Christ

Iranians see the horrible things being done in the name of Islam. They recoil at the terror and devastation being done to their country, their neighbors and their families. As ISIS tightens its grip on the government of Iran, they are actually opening the door for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Here’s how it works.

  • ISIS and the Iranian Government says citizens shouldn’t question God or their own rules.
  • Yet, the killing and destruction brought about by them makes people wonder if that comes from Allah.
  • This questioning opens them up to search the Koran and other sources.
  • They see for themselves that it is a faulty interpretation.
  • Their search for truth leads them to Jesus Christ.

God Makes a Way

Despite the Iranian Government’s attempt to eradicate the Christian Church in Iran, it is actually flourishing! Satellite TV brings the Gospel, teaching and encouragement into private homes throughout the country. Believers are born. They love to share their new-found faith with others and find ways, even in secret, to evangelize their Muslim neighbors and friends. Here’s an actual caller who found ingenious ways to spread the Good News.

The Underground Church in Iran Needs Your Help.