Transformed Lives

I was a prostitute at 14. Now, I am the woman at the well.

“My name is Parinaz, * and I live in Tehran. I am the daughter of a prostitute. My stepfather was a drug addict and dragged my mom into addiction, as well. Since he hated me, I stayed out of the house as much as possible, selling drugs, alcohol, and, eventually, myself.

I became a prostitute at 14.

While living in a rehab center about a year ago, frustrated and full of pain and anger, I knelt down and cried out to God to help me. That night, I had a dream. I saw a man in a long white garment. I cried, “Take me with you. I am afraid to go back. I am alone. Nobody loves me.” He said, “You are not alone. I am with you, and I love you!”

This was the first time anyone had shown me warmth and kindness. But I still had nowhere to go. When I went home, my mom and stepfather accepted me back gracefully. They had both become Christians through your TV program while I was away. They were drug-free, and the changes in their lives were tremendous. I instantly knew the man in my dream was Jesus. So I knelt and gave my heart to Him.

I want to give my life for Jesus like He gave his life for me — like the woman at the well who couldn’t wait to share His love with the world.
* All names and locations were changed for security purposes.

Jesus Turned My Enemies into My Best Friends.

“My name is Mahmoud. * I live in a very small village in Iran. A little while ago, I started watching your TV programs on satellite. Through them, I believed in Jesus. I told my villagers of God’s love and Jesus’ sacrifice for their sins.

One day, three villagers attacked and beat me up. When I got home, I knelt down and cried out to God. Beaten and broken, I fell asleep. In my dreams, I saw Jesus say to me, “Son, you did the right thing to share my message. I will change your enemies into your friends.”

The next morning, those same three villagers came to me, asking, “Where did you hear about God’s love?” I turned on the TV to your programs. Their hearts were touched, and they asked if they could come back to watch. Before long, people started to come to my place in groups of two or three to watch your programs.

Now in our village, almost everyone watches your programs daily… either at my house or my new friends’ (my old enemies’) houses. As a result, many in our village have come to believe in Jesus.”
* All names and locations were changed for security purposes.